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What do you wear to a funeral?

When you are attending a funeral, of course, it is vitally important that you wear the correct funeral attire. However, sometimes this can seem like quite the challenge, to ensure that your outfit is appropriate and respectful to the family of the deceased, whilst also celebrating their life properly, as they would have wished.

Traditional funeral attire is smart, black or dark clothing. However, it is becoming more and more common for people to state in their Will that they wish for funeral attendees to dress less formal, such as in bright colours, as after all, it is a celebration of their life.

If you find yourself feeling unsure as to what is most respectful to wear, it is completely appropriate to ask an immediate family member what the dress code is and what they recommend you wear. This will typically also apply to a memorial service.

Men’s Typical Funeral Attire

Traditionally, men will wear:

  • A smart black or dark coloured suit,
  • A white long-sleeved collared shirt,
  • A plain tie,
  • Smart black dress shoes.

As mentioned above, black is not always compulsory when it comes to funeral attire. However, it is a good idea to avoid any more casual clothes such as jeans, short-sleeved shirts or very bright colours, unless instructed otherwise.

Women’s Typical Funeral Attire

Traditionally, women will wear:

  • A knee-length skirt or smart trousers,
  • A plain smart blouse,
  • A blazer,
  • Smart shoes.

In order to be respectful to the deceased, try to keep jewellery and accessories as minimalistic as possible. In some religions and cultures, women will choose to wear hats to the funeral service.

Children’s Funeral Attire

It is just as important that any children attending the funeral are dressed as smart as possible. It is just as important that any children attending the funeral are dressed as smart as possible, however, there is always more flexibility when it comes to children.

A good rule of thumb is;

  • Dark coloured trousers, a plain top and a jumper if needed,
  • Dark coloured skirt, a plain top and a cardigan if needed,
  • A smart dress,
  • Smart dark coloured or black shoes.

A Summer Funeral

If the funeral service is in the summer, opt for any of the following;

  • A dark knee-length skirt,
  • A plain blouse or top,
  • A dark dress,
  • A linen style suit,
  • Smart trousers,
  • A lightweight shirt.

Sunglasses are also usually acceptable should the service take place outside.

A Winter Funeral

If you’re attending a funeral in the winter, make sure that you are warm enough and wear additional layers. This includes black or dark coats, jackets, scarves and gloves.

What Clothes Should You Avoid?

Unless the family of the deceased has stated that they want a less formal service, you should avoid wearing bright colours or any bold clothing to a funeral. If you feel in doubt at all, the most appropriate option is something smart and neutral.

It is important that you do not wear any of the following to the service:

  • Revealing clothing,
  • Trainers,
  • Flip flops,
  • Graphic t-shirts,
  • Jeans,
  • Caps,
  • A colourful or bright tie,
  • An excessive amount of bold jewellery.

At the end of the day, the important thing is that you pay your respects to the deceased, and therefore you should ensure that the clothes you wear to the service are appropriate. Whether you have been asked to wear conservative traditional funeral attire or clothing that is patterned and incorporates as many bright colours as possible to reflect the personality of the deceased, we hope that the above advice has helped you to make the most appropriate choice on what to wear to a funeral.

The Elms Funeral Directors

Here at The Elms Funeral Directors, we understand that the ‘what do you wear to a funeral’ is just a miniscule worry when it comes to a loved one’s passing. That is why we will ensure that we take care of everything we can to plan and organise the perfect funeral to fully encapsulate them as a person. 

Our team will support you through a difficult and challenging time, allowing you to focus on yourself and the rest of your family. With over four decades of experience in arranging and offering funerals throughout Weston super mare and beyond, and as proud members of the national association of funeral directors, you’ll be able to rest assured in the peace of mind that our team are trustworthy and reliable. If you would like to speak to our funeral experts, please feel free to either call us on 01934 616006 or send us an email.

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